January 17, 2016

Outbound Solutions

DVS has become a vital part of any Marketing or Outbound Campaign, with an experienced Outbound Service team that supports companies throughout their Outbound requirements through to customer care and support. Our call centre has achieved a respected place in providing full outbound facilities for leading publishers and has progressed into product and brand launches.

Data Cleansing

So that your sales teams concentrate on relevant data, DVS provides a full Data Cleansing service. This provides a cost effective solution for companies looking for positive results for their sales teams. DVS will clean data to include relevant contact names and address details or to obtain correct email addresses. With a fully auditable system, we can provide progress or completion statistics.

Tele-Research & Customer Surveys

Understanding your potential markets is vital for any company. If you are looking to launch a new product or service and want to understand the customers you will be targeting, DVS provides a Business to Business and Business to Consumer research service. From questionnaires through to free sample feedback, we are able to create a bespoke service to suit your needs.


For any company delivering products or printed literature, DVS can provide a full verification system. Current customers include BT, Yell, Whistl, Newsquest and Bullivant Media where our customers benefit from a full verification system check. This allows them to address any distribution concerns, making their distribution a more focused and successful part of their marketing processes. DVS has created a unique software system allowing our customers to focus on specific areas of distribution and our system also enables a full breakdown of geographic data.

Appointment Making

Our Outbound contact centre staff are trained at creating opportunities and orders to benefit any sales led organisation. Providing support to your sales team ensures greater success in helping to close deals.

Subscription & Annual Renewal Checks

Our Outbound contact centre team have undertaken subscription and renewal services for a large variety of business categories. From rebooking annual service and MOT checks for the motor industry to renewal of newspaper and magazine subscriptions. With customers such as The Times, Guardian and Daily Mail it is no surprise we have a strong pedigree in achieving a great renewal success.

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